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WordPress Developer in Chatsworth. I design and maintain practical WordPress sites that are fast and secure.


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I grew up in the San Fernando Valley near Chatsworth. I also design and develop WordPress websites.

About Nima

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used platform for websites. With more than 50% global marketshare.

I've used WordPress for 10 years, managing websites with up to 250k organic monthly visitors.

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In Chatsworth

Working directly with a WordPress designer and marketer has many benefits over an agency. I use the same processes and software as big companies and yield good results! If you prefer working with a web designer in Chatsworth, send a message anytime!

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Nima's Web Services

I've lived in Los Angeles for 23 years. I started making WordPress sites in 2013.

I freelance in web design full-time. Always considering time, money, and results for my clients.

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WordPress Design

Why should your businesses run on WordPress?

WordPress enables features that can otherwise be expensive. Supported by years of development; WordPress is secure, robust, and fast, for all types of websites.

It is open-source belonging to no one and everyone. Meaning you gain full ownership of your website, and don't have to be tied down to a company.

With 10 years of WordPress experience, I can help any business in Chatsworth save time and money.

Extending WordPress' Capabilities

WordPress is complex under the hood. Certain levels of development only come with years of experience.

Customizing WordPress 🚧

A great WordPress site is made specifically to fit your desired outcomes and features. With simple management of your content.

Video Walkthroughs 📺

I record and send WordPress tutorials. To help you better understand your site. And have an easy time using new features.

Building WordPress Websites 👷‍♂️

I design websites that aim to reach an audience. Good user experience and proper semantics make part of many considerations I take.

High Performance with WordPress ⚡

WordPress websites can be optimized to load very fast. Reducing code and prioritizing critical resources is one of many options to improve load times.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 🔍

Implementing proper SEO for your WordPress site lets your potential customers find you on search engines.

WordPress Hosting 🏠

I've helped connect many businesses with WordPress hosting. I can either host on my own server, or recommend reliable WordPress hosting.

WordPress Best Practices 💪

WordPress has many traits that are unique to it. As experienced WordPress developers we work efficiently with it, allowing you to focus on content, not bugs, nor code.

WordPress FAQ

I've used WordPress for more than 10 years. At times working on websites sites with 100k-250k monthly visitors.

My strategies can help an ecommerce site significantly increase traffic and revenue.

I like explaining how WordPress works. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, I tailor information to suit your goals. I have a deep understanding of WordPress.

I'm always checking my email! If you need help with something urgently, such as a broken website, get in touch and let me know.

I can meet in Chatsworth, if you want to make an appointment to meet in person, or for me to visit your business, write anytime.

Send a calendar invite to info@heynima anytime. If you would like to schedule a video call today, use the contact form to get started.

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Reach out through Text or Email anytime. If you are near Chatsworth, we can meet in person!


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