CV / Bio

I’m an Iranian-Born Canadian Citizen who grew up in Los Angeles.

I started learning english at 7 years old, and got my first PC soon after.

My favorite languages are HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS - the languages of the web.

I got my first gig at a young age

I made my first $50 at 12 years old by handing out flyers door-to-door.

I also spent time behind a computer then. And didn’t know I was taking part in professional things, like making short films, using 2d animations for class projects, and make mini-games with JavaScript and Flash just for fun.

I had a few jobs by my early 20’s, from serving ice cream, to retail, and corporate B2B.

I was a QA professional for video games too, coming up with ways to produce bugs on major titles pre release. It was a great job to have at 18. I found it through a simple Google search, it was the first result!

Work Experience:

Owner | Nima's Web Services

Los Angeles / International | January 2013 - Present

It started with learning web development at home. To eventually giving meaningful insight to hundreds of businesses.

Market Research | Q-Insights

Sherman Oaks, CA | 2011 - 2012

I would take part in focus groups, travel to different places to survey people, and sometimes do phone surveys.

Retail | Fry's Electronics

Canoga Park, CA | 2010 - 2011

I was responsible for helping people find the right electronics, and earned a commission on sales. I learned then, sales

QA, Professional Video Game Tester | 2K Games

Lake Balboa, CA | 2008 - 2009

I was responsible for testing major video game titles before release. To ensure their quality, we would do our best to make video games experience bugs or crash.

Learning How to Make Milkshakes | Baskin Robins

Encino, CA | 2004 - 2007

It was my first ever job in high school. I would greet customers, serve frozen treats, and ring up the register. Also, sweeping and mopping. It was a great experience for me in getting over the fear of saying hello to strangers.

I stopped everything except what I ❤️

I performed well at my jobs. At 23 years old, I decided to start learning Website Development and SEO to start my own business.

Even dropping out of college to do it, too… To lock myself away for some years to study HTML, CSS, and SEO. To eventually offer high quality work that I enjoy.

On a technical note, you can check out my annual milestones for a year-by-year of what I’ve been up to since 2013.

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