Website Tune-Up Services

If your website is acting strange, feeling sluggish, or you simply need to clean up the design. Quality assurance is a safe and reliable way to see improvements all-around.

  • Increase speed
  • Fix website errors
  • Modest upgrades to design
  • Security & Server Audit
  • Guidelines and best practices
Website Tune-Up - Nima's Website Services

Improve your web presence with a website tune-up

Improve website speed

I can quickly look at your slowest and most overweight resources, and look for quick changes that make the biggest performance improvements. By increasing website speed, your users will instantly have a better experience.

Harden Website Security

If you suspect that aspects of your site have been compromised, I can do a thorough analysis of your traffic to find and prevent malicious activity.

Eliminate website bugs & server errors

Reducing errors that occur in your server or front-end code can lead to performance and user experience improvements.

Remove unused code

I can look for and remove unnecessary code. Especially for websites that have been around for a long time, unused code can linger in many places. By removing unnecessary things, a website can be more tidy and less of a headache to work with.

Tuning up WordPress Websites

I'm an expert at tuning up WordPress sites. I've worked with WordPress for 10 years.

  • Reduce Plugin Usage
  • Database Maintenance / Optimization
  • Investigate errors with wp-debug
  • Check theme and overall site integrity
  • Look for and advise on WordPress best practices

HTML & CSS Changes

I can perform quick and meaningful upgrades to the designs of pages

Fix Design Bugs

CSS can be used to resolve most visual bugs. If features look out of place, or responsiveness has fallen apart.

User experience improvements

I can analyze the overall user experience of your site visitors. And suggest improvements.

Details with infographics

I can present different options and walk-through details with screenshots and video.

Make a list

I am thorough when taking on a list of updates.

Reliable Web Services in Los Angeles

I can guarantee results by checking out your domain.

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