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Web Performance Seriously Matters

Keeping a site running fast and error free requires occasional maintenance. Still, any action you can take today to make a notable speed increase is often worth investing in. Better performance means less weight on your server, better experience for users, and recognition from search engines; everybody wins!

Website performance has much more to do than with speed. It has to do with user experience. Search engines have been taking this into account more and more. Google even calculates the carbon footprint a website uses based on its weight and resources.

Slow Websites Fast Websites
Google flags pages for poor experience Google ranks pages in your website higher
Users leave websites if the wait is long Users are more likely to become customers
Could be caused by errors Are often error-free
Web server can crash from too much load More likely to have 24/7/365 uptime
Often riddled with unnecessary code Load only what's needed
More likely to have security issues Less code, less software, less worries
Can cost extra money to host Saves money on web hosting
When improving performance, at some point, the returns diminish and difficulty increases. This often requires weeks and often continual work to continue getting improvements over a long period of time. It depends on what your situation and needs are.
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Web performance is the future

The web is always progressing with unanimous consensuses, standards and guidelines.

Performant and micro-sized pages will end up leading the charge. It's already happening. And it will continue to become even more common.

You don't have to compromise design in order to have a fast website. You just have to not serve too much unnecessary code. loads faster than most websites on the web

checkmark icon is faster than most websites on the internet.

Google Lighthouse Test Results

This data is taken from a single page load, as opposed to field data summarizing many sessions.

Domain Mobile Score Desktop Score FCP (Mobile) LCP (Mobile) CLS (Mobile) TBT (Mobile) TTI (Mobile) Last Tested Test URL 100/100 100/100 0.8 s 0.9 s 0.00 0 ms 0.9 s August 21, 2022 Run Test 76/100 100/100 1.9 s 2.0 s 0.02 760 ms 6.1 s January 31, 2022 Run Test 66/100 99/100 2.1 s 3.4 s 0.02 540 ms 11.4 s January 31, 2022 Run Test 65/100 96/100 1.9 s 3.7 s 0.00 630 ms 8.9 s January 31, 2022 Run Test 57/100 66/100 1.5 s 3.2 s 0.00 2,020 ms 9.7 s January 31, 2022 Run Test 28/100 70/100 3.8 s 4.0 s 0.149 5,070 ms 18.7 s January 31, 2022 Run Test

Case Study

Increasing the speed of a 500+ product WooCommerce site. Roughly 10k visitors per day. Their homepage score increased from 15 to 98 for desktop; after rigorous testing and optimizing. This increased the conversion rate of iPhone users by 50%.

Top performance page speed for ecommerce WordPress site

A well-optimized WordPress Ecommerce site with +500 products.

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