What is Hugo (SSG)?

Hugo is an open source static website generator. Also known as an SSG (Static Site Generator).

Hugo is built on the Go programming language, developed by Google.

While most static site generators run purely on JavaScript, Hugo has been gaining popularity in the past decade. With 2020-2022 being its peak growth so far.

Why should I use Hugo for my website?

What makes Hugo stand out is its fast build times. This is due to Go’s ability to utilize processors more efficiently. It is also a fun way to get into website development. Especially if you’re not a fan of JavaScript.

Why should I use a static website?

There are many pros and cons to using a static site generator like Hugo. The biggest pro is always performance. Compared to WordPress, a major con to having a static website is that it’s often more complicated. And a standard feature such as a commenting system, don’t come easy with an SSG.

Another upside is that static files are free to host. They use much less resources.

Content editing with Markdown

Hugo website use Markdown files to make content management writing-focused.

Image processing with Hugo

Hugo is powerful when it comes to processing files, including images.

Hugo Partials

Partials are a way for developers to organize code and files. To call in other files in the middle of a page.

Hugo Shortcodes

Shortcodes are available in Hugo, they can be used to reuse content inside your Markdown files

Connecting a CMS with your Hugo website

A content management system can be used to make content editing easier. CloudCannon and Forestry are two of many popular CMS that can be integrated with a Hugo site. is made with Hugo

I enjoy working with Hugo. I wasn’t into Gatsby when it gained popularity, I chose Hugo for it’s simplicity. Now, years later, Hugo has come out as the more preferred static website generator.