What is Akismet?

Akismet prevents spam comments from being published on your WordPress site. They won’t even make it to the approval stage, you’ll virtually never see spam comments with it installed and activated.

Does Akismet actually work?

Akismet works perfectly! You almost can’t have a mid to high-traffic blog without it. It does a perfect job and you won’t regret installing it.

Use Akismet to eliminate spam comments in WordPress.

How much does Akismet cost?

You can get Akismet for free on non-commercial sites. For commercial use it’s $10 paid monthly for their lowest plan - which gives you more than you might need to use.

You can just ask me for an Akismet key, I can share mine with you.

If you prefer managing your own license, visit their plans page and pick one that fits you.

There is ONE good thing about spam…

If bots are finding your site, it likely means you’re visible on search engines. In fact, the more popular your website gets, the more spam and malicious activity you’ll get too. So in a funny way, spam can be an indicator of popularity.