New website for a Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles

New website for a Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles is a website for a Mortgage and Real Estate company in Encino. Their old site had about 60 pages and a dozen forms. I rebuilt the site on WordPress, with Divi from Elegant Themes. Divi’s theme builder system is compatible with Advanced Custom Fields, which made custom post types a breeze. We also performed local SEO, “elite equity” shows up in local maps, even when requesting an Uber ride!

May 6, 2023

Optimizing a 500+ product WooCommerce site to be mega-fast

Project highlights Reduced 57 active plugins to 19 Reduced TTFB from ~5,000 to 0 Rebuilt pages to be less resourceful, without a change in design Conversion rates dramatically increased; with mobile users as a priority, went up from 1.2% to 1.8% from the speed increase! Homepage speed reduced to 0.9 seconds from 3.5! Wrote bulk URL redirects after reconfiguring permalink structure 0 downtime during update With some UX and SEO consulting to follow, I was on my merry way as a freelancer does I had to optimize a high traffic woocommerce site as sluggish performance was hurting their ecommerce metrics, in other words, revenue.

April 5, 2023
Insanely fast mini-site built on Hugo

Insanely fast mini-site built on Hugo is a minimalist portfolio site for a designer and architect in Santa Monica. It was developed with cutting edge tools, which resulted in ultra high performance, security, super-easy maintenance, and free hosting for life. I made the site using Hugo static site generator. For CSS we decided on, the smallest framework in existence. By merely relying on native fonts, tachyons already carries big advantages in resource costs. The source code and production files are pulled from Github.

April 1, 2023

A small WordPress site with big features for an academic veteran is a minimal and highly functional WordPress site for an experienced behavior management instructor in the UK. Robin Launder provides strategies and courses for teachers to maintain behavior in the classroom. The website includes powerful features while being easy to maintain, and uses a minimum amount of resources thanks to efficient development and optimized code. We decided to build on the Avada WordPress theme, it’s affordable and reliable. There’s often complaints about some themes taking long to load, we still had no problem getting 0.

March 21, 2023

What is SEO Spying?

There are various tools for SEO spying, and it’s an actual thing. I like using for a quick analysis. Because search engine presence is public, there are tools made to streamline this information about your competitors. What makes SEO spying useful is that it helps you identify direct competitors and for which keywords. In a field where every bit of knowledge is useful; you can target competitors and overtake them without them even realizing.

March 16, 2023

Sending +1 million emails for a 20 employee startup

Project Highlights Sending 45k emails a day, twice per week Over 1.2 million emails were delivered The company was brand new and had no email campaigns set up prior I handled everything; code, design, data management, policy and legal coverage, and much more I collaborated with employees individually to customize their campaigns Every newsletter came with a landing page to generate b2b leads - I used WordPress, Elementor, and Gravity Forms After 4 months of establishing, I trained them on maintenance; and went on my way as a freelancer does A local mortgage lender wanted to create and send emails for their 15+ account representatives, and we sent 1.

February 28, 2023
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Classified Ads startup website for barrel racing horses

Project Highlights PHP development URL Structure, SEO and consulting Scenario I launched a craigslist-like site, but for barrel racing horses. Early stages and analyzing color schemes Blog graphic for footer or sidebar Header graphic for a membership page Phone mockup of the final result Visit barrelracinghorses.

February 27, 2023

New site build with Divi + 1 plugin

Spotlight research needed a simple corporate website. I designed and developed it on WordPress, using Divi and 1 plugin. It took me 16 hours of development to create, revise, and launch the site. With 24 hours of consulting. The project took about two months. Why so small? Divi comes with every front-end feature most websites will need.

September 24, 2022
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