WordPress comes equipped with the most powerful and accurate debugging system than any software ever.

Project highlights Reduced 57 active plugins to 19 Reduced TTFB from ~5,000 to 0 Rebuilt pages to be less resourceful, without a change in design Conversion rates dramatically increased; with mobile users as a priority, went up from 1.2% to 1.8% from the speed increase! Homepage speed reduced to 0.9 seconds from 3.5! Wrote bulk URL redirects after reconfiguring permalink structure 0 downtime during update With some UX and SEO consulting to follow, I was on my merry way as a freelancer does I had to optimize a high traffic woocommerce site as sluggish performance was hurting their ecommerce metrics, in other words, revenue.

Project Highlights Sending 45k emails a day, twice per week Over 1.2 million emails were delivered The company was brand new and had no email campaigns set up prior I handled everything; code, design, data management, policy and legal coverage, and much more I collaborated with employees individually to customize their campaigns Every newsletter came with a landing page to generate b2b leads - I used WordPress, Elementor, and Gravity Forms After 4 months of establishing, I trained them on maintenance; and went on my way as a freelancer does A local mortgage lender wanted to create and send emails for their 15+ account representatives, and we sent 1.

With Swiper JS already included with Elementor, you can create your own custom carousels without needing a plugin.

A PHP snippet for reverse relationship queries to use as in Elementor

My personal review of some popular WordPress Hosting companies. My top picks of 2022.

According to Geo, the only way to learn programming is to just do it.

Speed can be a dealbreaker for your site visitors, and search engines weigh it heavily too.

With Avada it is possible to use dynamic values with ACF. This post explains how to retrieve data from your ACF Options page.

Sometimes you need to loop over products in a store in specific ways. Here’s how you would do that query products with Reverse Relationships in Elementor and ACF.

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